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Riff Axelerator speeds up while you
simply play along.

How Riff Axelerator works to make you a better player, faster.

Riff Axelerator gets faster while you play along. Instead of the half speed/full speed approach used in most teaching material, Riff Axelerator lets you choose what tempo you start from and the lick incrementally increases while you simply play along.

Try out the interface.

Incremental lick acceleration

The foundation of the Riff Axelerator concept… the lick you’re learning can increase in tempo as you play along!

Convenient Solo function

Quickly solo the drum track… or the lead track… or both. Whatever track you’re playing along with sound great.

Built in tuner

The Riff Axelerator lessons won’t go out of tune (even at slow speeds)… so neither should you!

High definition audio samples

No midi tracks or distorted variable speed audio… Riff Axelerator uses actual guitarists playing the actual lick from slow tempos right up to speed!

Compare the difference!

“Kaleidoscope” – Full Speed @ 170BPM

“Kaleidoscope” in Riff Axelerator – Slowest speed @ 50BPM (down 70%)

Using ‘slow down’ software @ 50BPM (down 70%)

You can hear the clarity of Riff Axelerator at this super slow tempo, which means that you will be able to play along at a tempo that suits your playing, without the awful distortion of audio that we have tolerated for so long.

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